HTML5 Entities in Alphabetical Order - Q

This page contains all HTML5 named character references starting with the letter "Q".

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How to Use the Character Codes

To display any of the characters in the left column within a web page, you'll need to use one of the codes in the other columns within your HTML code.

You can choose either the entity name from the Entity column, the hexadecimal value from the Hexadecimal column, or the decimal value from the Decimal column.

Where there's more than one entity name, choose just one.

Where there's more than one hexadecimal, use both. This is because the named entity uses more than one character to display the glyph. The same applies with the decimal value.

You'll need to include the leading ampersand (&) and trailing semi-colon (;), as well as any hash symbols (#) and x characters.