About Quackit

Bringing you tutorials since the turn of the millennium!

Hi. My name is Ian. I'm the creator of Quackit.com, and I provide the content.

I started creating websites in 1996. The web was a lot different back then!

In fact, when I studied graphic design and marketing in the mid 1990s, the word "website" was never mentioned. Not once. Most people had never heard of a "website". Yet, within a few short years, my graphic design knowledge was being applied almost solely towards building websites.

I then dedicated six years to studying IT. This saw me building computers, designing and setting up networks, designing databases, writing third-generation programs, oh... and developing websites.

All this study resulted in me working in a range of graphic design, web development, IT, and marketing roles, as well as independent contract work over the years.

Why I created Quackit

I initially created Quackit in order to point web developers to resources that could potentially help them build better websites. Some of these resources were available from the Quackit website itself, others were from third party websites.

I then began writing tutorials that could help beginners build websites, and even start a career in website development. I know how difficult it can be for someone when starting to learn a new technology. My aim with Quackit is to "de-mystify" these technologies as quickly as possible and to provide a general overview of each technology first (rather than jumping straight into the technical details). Having said that, I do provide technical details where it's required.

Over time, I've added more and more tutorials, code libraries, and code generators.

Although I started the Quackit website in 2000, the idea behind Quackit actually began around 1996 — when I started creating websites for the University of Sydney. As my knowledge expanded, I thought "What if I write down this new-found knowledge and publish it on my website?". The idea was that I could use my website as a reference tool. And I thought, "If I find this stuff useful, there's bound to be someone else out there who does too!".

Free Content

My intention is to keep the content absolutely free. Rather than charge for the content, I prefer to use advertising to cover the costs of running the website. This way, the content can remain free for anyone who wishes to view it. For more information, see my affiliate disclosure.

If you find the content on Quackit useful, please consider linking to Quackit or mentioning Quackit on social media.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find Quackit useful!