MySpace Font Codes

You can copy/paste these HTML font codes into your MySpace profile page.

TIP: You can make it easy on yourself by using the text generator.

Font Family

When setting the font family, you should specify 3 fonts to use in case the user doesn't have the 1st (or 2nd) choice. Using either 'serif', 'sans-serif', or 'cursive' as the last option is usually a good idea, as most computers can recognise that.

Font Size

To change the size of the font, use the font-size property:

Font Color

To change the color of the font/text, use the color property.

To choose a color, use the color picker.

Bold Font

To make your font bold, use the font-weight property:

Italic Font

To render your font in italics, use the font-style property:

More Font Codes

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Also, here's a list of the CSS properties that you can use to style your text: