MySpace HTML Tutorial

So you've got a MySpace profile? Cool! Now you want to change the look right? Or add some music? This free MySpace HTML tutorial teaches you some basic HTML code to get you on your way.

Fortunately, your MySpace profile page is already an HTML page, so you don't need to start from scratch. All you need to do is change the page or add things to it. You can do this using "HTML tags".


HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and is the main language used to create websites. HTML uses "tags" that allow you to specify things (or "elements") to go on your web page. Some of the more common elements include headings, paragraphs, images, list items, music, and more.

HTML tags almost always have an opening tag and a closing tag, with some text in between. Something like this: <htmltag>some text</htmltag>. Note that there isn't actually an HTML tag called "htmltag" - this is just an example. You'll see some real HTML tags below.

There are some HTML tags that don't have a closing tag. They look something like <htmltag> or <htmltag />

Bold Text

You can make some text bold by using the <b> tag.

Example HTML code:

Italic Text

You can make some text italic by using the <i> tag.

Example HTML code:


You can link to another web page using the <a> tag. This tag requires an attribute to determine which page to link to.

Example HTML code:


You can link to an image using the <img> tag. This tag also requires at least one attribute (to determine which image to link to). You can also use attributes to provide the dimensions and "alt text". Alt text is used in the event that the image can't be loaded.

Example HTML code:


You can link to a music file using the <embed> tag. This tag also requires at least one attribute (to determine which music file to link to). There are also optional attributes. In our example below, we use loop="false" to say "replay the music file once it's finished". We use autostart="false" to say don't start automatically when the visitor loads the page - wait until they click the "Play" button.

Example HTML code:


We've just covered some of the most common HTML tags you can use to dress up your MySpace profile page. As you can see, HTML is really easy to use.

If you'd like to learn more about HTML, check out the full blown HTML Tutorial. This tutorial starts from the basics (such as the things you've just learned), then continues on to some more advanced topics. Some tags you won't be able to use on MySpace, but hey, it doesn't hurt to learn them anyway!

You can also check out the HTML Cheat Sheet for a quick way of getting some HTML code.

Finally, the full list of HTML tags shows you all HTML tags at a glance.