MySpace Picture Scroll Box

This page contains HTML code for creating a MySpace picture scroll box. This code is for displaying pictures in a scroll box. To use the scroll box code, simply copy and paste it into your MySpace profile page and change the URL value to your the location of your own picture/s.

Example Picture Scroll Box

Copy the following code to get the displayed scrollbox:

Note that the code on this page assumes that there's an image at the specified location (/pix/milford_sound/milford_sound.jpg). You will need to change this value to the URL/location of an image that you have uploaded to the web.

Picture Scroll Box with Hyperlink

This example is exactly the same as the previous example, except that this time we're linking the image to another website. Therefore, when we click on the picture, a new window will open with our specified website. To do this, we simply surround the picture code with an HTML anchor tag (or 'a' tag) to create a hyperlink. In this example, I've also removed the border (using border="0") that is automatically created when you hyperlink images in HTML.

Copy the following code for the respective scroll box:

Multiple Pictures

You can place as many pictures pictures into your scroll box as you like. Here's an example of two images in a scroll box. Each image is linked to a different web page:

Background Pictures

So far, all our pictures have been added as content in the scroll box. If you prefer, you can add a background image to your scroll box. Background images are perfect for when you want to add text over the top of your picture. Here's an example:

HTML Code: