Change Your MySpace Name

If you've got a MySpace page, and you haven't chosen a MySpace Name/URL, your page is probably located at a URL like "". If you have chosen a "MySpace Name/URL", it might look something like "".

This page explains how to create your MySpace Name, and discusses your options for changing it. Note that this information was correct at the time of writing. If MySpace changes things around in the future, the exact steps or information may be different.

Creating your MySpace Name

If you haven't yet chosen a MySpace name, you can do so by doing this following:

  1. Log in to MySpace (this takes you to your profile page)
  2. Near the top right of the page, you should see a box with the text "Pick your MySpace URL! Click Here". Click on the "Click Here" text.
  3. Enter your preferred MySpace Name/URL
  4. Confirm your preferred MySpace Name/URL

Changing your MySpace Name

Unfortunately, once you've created your MySpace Name/URL, you can't change it. You can change your Display Name but not your MySpace Name/URL. To change your display name, click on the "Name" link from your Profile Edit page.

Change your MySpace URL

Did you know that you could also have as a MySpace URL? To learn more, check out how to change your MySpace URL.