HTML 4 th Tag

Also see HTML5 <th> Tag.

This page is for the HTML 4 version of this element. For a more up to date version, see HTML5 <th> Tag.

The HTML <th> tag is used for specifying a header cell (or table header) within a table.

Also see the <td> tag for specifying a normal table cell.



Attributes specific to this tag:
headersSpecifies a space-separated list of header cells that contain information about this cell. The value needs to correspond with the id of the header cell (which is set using the id attribute). This attribute is useful for non-visual browsers.
scopeThis attribute is used on header cells and specifies the cells that will use this header's information. Possible values:
  • row (current row)
  • col (current column)
  • rowgroup (current rowgroup)
  • colgroup (current column group)
abbrSpecifies an abbreviated version of the cell's content. Depending on the browser, it may render this in place of the cell's content if appropriate.
axisSpecifies a category for this th. This can potentially be used to perform queries against the table data and can be beneficial in the context of a speech browser. For more information, see Categorizing cells on the W3 website.
rowspanSpecifies the number of rows the current cell spans across.
colspanSpecifies the number of columns the current cell spans across.
nowrapPrevents text from automatically wrapping. This attribute is deprecated - use CSS instead.
widthWidth of the th. This tag is deprecated.
heightHeight of the th. This tag is deprecated.
Other Attributes:
dirSpecifies the direction of the text
classDocument wide identifier.
idDocument wide identifier
langLanguage code
titleSpecifies a title to associate with the element. Many browsers will display this when the cursor hovers over the element (similar to a "tool tip").
styleInline style (CSS)
bgcolorBackground color of the th.

Note: This attribute is deprecated, use the CSS background-color property instead.

alignVisual alignment. Possible values:
  • left
  • center
  • right
  • justify
  • char
valignVertical alignment. Possible values:
  • top
  • middle
  • bottom
  • baseline
charSpecifies a character to use for aligning text to. Used when align=char.
charoffSpecifies an alignment offset (either in pixels or percentage value) against the first character as specified with the char attribute. Used when align=char
onclickIntrinsic event (see event handlers)
ondbclickIntrinsic event (see event handlers)
onmousedownIntrinsic event (see event handlers)
onmouseupIntrinsic event (see event handlers)
onmouseoverIntrinsic event (see event handlers)
onmousemoveIntrinsic event (see event handlers)
onmouseoutIntrinsic event (see event handlers)
onkeypressIntrinsic event (see event handlers)
onkeydownIntrinsic event (see event handlers)
onkeyupIntrinsic event (see event handlers)

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HTML5 Tags

The information on this page is based on HTML version 4.01. Most modern browsers now support HTML5.

See HTML5 <th> Tag for the HTML5 version of the above element.

See this list of HTML tags for the latest list of HTML elements.