Uploading Images to the Web

So you've created your images, exported them to either GIF or JPEG format. Now you need to upload them to the web!

The method you use here will depend on whether you have a web hosting account with a hosting provider. If you do, you probably know how to upload your images - the same way you upload any other file. If you don't have a hosting account, its time to get one!

Hosting Providers

Hosting providers provide a service where you (the customer) can upload your files to their (the hosting provider) web servers. Once you've uploaded your files, they are available on the web. You can access your files (including your images) by typing the full URL of the file (eg, http://www.hostingprovider.com/yourdirectory/yourfile.gif).

Methods for uploading files will depend on your hosting provider but generally, you will be able to use an FTP client, and/or your web host might provide you with a control panel that allows you to upload your files.

There are free hosting providers out there, but be careful. Make sure you keep copies of all your images - free services are particularly prone to going out of business. Web hosting is so cheap these days, that it can be worthwhile spending a few dollars per month for a reputable hosting provider.

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Other Methods

Depending on your situation, you might encounter other methods of being able to upload your files to the web. For example, your mobile phone might enable you to upload straight to a blogger.com account. Either way, you are effectively transferring files from your local computer/phone, to a remote web server which is connected to the Internet.