Download GIMP

How to download and install GIMP.

You don't need to download GIMP in order to complete this tutorial, however, I recommend doing so. By downloading the GIMP, you'll see how easy it is to take advantage of the many features outlined in this tutorial.

Download The GIMP

You can download GIMP for free from the GIMP website. Feel free to do this now, or bookmark this page and come back to it.

Go to GIMP download page (opens in a new window):

Known Platforms

GIMP is the most widely supported image manipulation available. GIMP has been known to work on the following platforms:

Furthermore, GIMP can easily be ported to other platforms due to the availability of its source code.

Installing GIMP

If you use Windows, installing GIMP is usually just a matter of clicking on the installation file that you downloaded. Clicking on the file will launch an installation wizard. You can use the default options or change them as required.

If you use Mac OS X, you will need to install X11 first. You can get this from your installation CD. Once X11 is installed, you can install GIMP just as you would with any other program.

If you use a Unix based system, the Gimp Toolkit (GTK+) and other libraries that must be installed first. If/once they are, you can compile as a normal user using: ./configure && make and then as root make install. For more info on installing on Unix systems, check out the official GIMP install help.