Web Design

This section of the website contains "web design" related tutorials and examples. It focuses mainly on web graphics, graphics software, and other general tips related to website design.

For desgining with Cascading Style Sheets, see the CSS section.

Web Graphics Tutorial

Learn how to create web graphics so that you can link to them from your HTML and CSS documents. You can also use these for your MySpace profile.

Free Web Graphics

Download free web graphics for your website. Includes logos, icons, photos, clip arts and other pictures. Access to thousands of images and other web content.

GIMP Tutorial

The GIMP is a free image manipulation program. If you don't feel like paying money to get Photoshop, check out The GIMP!

CSS Gradients

Use CSS 3 to create background gradients.

Create Animated GIF - Layers

This article shows you how to create an animated GIF using layers in GIMP. We will take an image, add text, and convert it to an animated GIF.

Create Animated GIF - Script-Fu

This article shows you how to create an animated GIF using Script-Fu - the scripting extension of GIMP. We will take a JPEG image, and convert it to an animated GIF, applying a "rippling" effect in the process.

Web Design Glossary

Glossary of commonly used terms related to web design.

CSS Animations

Use the CSS 3 animation property to create animations.


Learn about the differences between GIF and JPEG, and when you should use each one.

Add ActiveX controls to your site

You don't need to be a programmer to add heaps of functionality to your site.

Convincing animated gifs

Want to create 'cartoon style' animated gifs? Here's a handy tip to remember...

Add audio to your web pages

Give your users some entertainment. They can even take over the sound controls!


Add a quicktime movie or even Cubi VR (360° Navigation).

Rollover images

Mr & Mrs It have had quadruplets and need your help! Confused? Nothing to do with rollover images? Go ahead and take a look then!