Install DBeaver on a Mac

How to install DBeaver on a Mac so you can manage SQL Server and other database management systems.

DBeaver is a database management tool with a graphical interface similar to SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). However, SSMS is only available on Windows machines, so if you run Mac or Linux, you need to look for alternatives.

Fortunately, DBeaver steps up as a popular (and free) alternative.

Here are instructions for installing DBeaver on a Mac.

  1. Download DBeaver

    Go to the DBeaver download page, and click the pkg installer + JRE option.

    Screenshot of the DBeaver download page
  2. Launch the Installer

    Double-click the installer icon to launch the installation wizard.

    DBeaver installer icon
  3. Start the Installation Process

    Click Continue.

    DBeaver installation wizard Introduction screen
  4. Accept the License Agreement

    Click Continue to accept the license agreement (assuming you accept it).

    Click Agree on the pop up box.

    DBeaver installation wizard License Agreement screen Pop up box for agreeing to the license agreement
  5. Select the Install Location

    Click Install to install DBeaver in the default location. Otherwise click Change Install Location and choose another location.

    Screenshot of the Installation Type screen.
  6. Enter Password

    If prompted for a password, enter it and click Install Software.

    Screenshot of the password prompt.
  7. Installation Successful

    Once DBeaver has been installed, a message is displayed stating that the installation was successful. Click Close to close the installer.

    Screenshot of the Installation was Successful screen.
  8. Remove the Installer File

    If a prompt appears asking if you want to move the installer file to the Trash, click Move to Trash (unless you have reason to keep it).

    Screenshot of the Move to Trash prompt.

DBeaver is now installed. Now you can launch it and connect to your database.