MySQL Workbench: Server Status

The Server Status screen of MySQL Workbench allows you to review the server's current status.

To display the Server Status screen, click Server Status on the Management tab:

Screenshot of the Management tab

You should see a screen similar to this:

Screenshot of the Server Status screen using the MySQL Workbench GUI

The Server Status screen displays information such as the server features, server directories, SSL, authentication, connection name, etc. It also provides information on connections, traffic, load, and more.

The above screenshot shows that the server is running. If the server is not running, the Server Status will show this.

You can run a few queries and toggle back to this tab to see how it affects the various charts on the right. You should see traffic and Selects per Second increase. If you're checking this on a server with a lot of activity (such as a production server), you should see a lot more connections and the other charts should reflect the higher traffic.