MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool for working with MySQL. You can use MySQL Workbench to create databases, tables, and other DB objects. You can also use it to perform administration tasks such as adding users, monitoring performance, importing/exporting data, and more.

Working with Databases

MySQL Workbench enables you to create databases and related objects via the GUI.

Create a Database

Create a database via the MySQL Workbench GUI.

Create a Table

Create a table and its columns via the MySQL Workbench GUI.

MySQL Administration

Here are common administrative screens that you will probably encounter while working with MySQL.

Server Status

Outlines the server features, server directories, SSL, authentication, connection name, etc. Also provides info on connections, traffic, load, and more.

Client Connections

Displays all client connections. Includes info such as the user, host, DB they're connected to, and more.

Users and Privileges

Lists all user accounts and their privileges. Enables the creation of new user accounts as well as their respective account limits, adminstrative roles, and schema privileges.

Status and System Variables

Lists all status and system variables. These are the variables that determine the server's configuration. Variables are grouped by category and there's a search function for easier navigation.

Importing/Exporting Data

Importing and exporting data are two popular tasks that you can do via the MySQL Workbench. These articles are taken from the MySQL tutorial.

Export Data

Use MySQL Workbench to export your data to an external file or database.

Import Data

Use MySQL Workbench to import data to your database from an external file or database.