What is JSON?

JSON is a human-readable text format that facilitates data interchange between different programming languages.

Here are some quick points about JSON:

What Does JSON Look Like?

Here's a basic example of a JSON document:

This is about as complex as most JSON documents will get (although most will contain a lot more data).

A JSON document contains text, curly braces, square brackets, colons, commas, double quotes, and maybe a few other characters.

But probably the most prominent thing about JSON, is that its data consists of name/value pairs. These name/value pairs reflect the structure of the data. Even if you don't know JSON, you should be able to get a basic idea of the data structure just by looking at the way data is stored in the above JSON file.

The good news is, my little example covers almost the whole JSON syntax. There's not much more to show, other than to explain how the syntax works.