JavaScript enables you to build interactivity into your web pages. Using JavaScript, you can create drop down menus, add validation to your forms, display the date, and much more.

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JavaScript Reference

JavaScript Date and Time Functions

A full listing of all JavaScript methods for dealing with date and time.

JavaScript Event Handlers

Introduction to the JavaScript event handlers as specified in HTML5.

JavaScript Reserved Words

Includes JavaScript reserved words, Java keywords, ECMAScript keywords, and other words used by JavaScript.
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Basic Tutorial

Starts with the basics of JavaScript, before moving to the advanced topics.

Advanced Tutorial

Starts with cookies, then covers date/time functions, arrays, and more.


JavaScript Examples

Includes common JavaScript examples that you can copy and paste into your own site.

JavaScript Dropdown Menu

Sometimes referred to as a "Jump Menu", this dropdown menu eliminates the need for a separate "go" button - it takes you straight to the requested URL as soon as you select it.

JavaScript Print

This quick tutorial shows you how to automatically open the print diaglog box whenever a user comes to a page.

JavaScript Alert Box

Open up an alert box message to alert your users to something important.

JavaScript Confirm

Let your users confirm that an action should take place before JavaScript runs it.

JavaScript Prompt

Allows your users to provide input, so that you can customize their experience.

JavaScript Status Bar Messages

Display a message in the status bar whenever a user hovers over a link (or other).

JavaScript Redirect Code

Learn how to create a URL redirection with this JavaScript redirect code.

JavaScript Refresh Page

Code that refreshes the current page. Includes refresh timer.

Popup Windows

Use JavaScript to create popup windows and popup window function.

Image Rollovers

How to use JavaScript to create image rollovers.