HTML Text Color Code

You can use the following HTML code to specify color text within your HTML documents.

In HTML, color is applied using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). More specifically, to set the foreground color of an element, you use the color property. To set the background color, use the background-color property.

Text Color - Inline Styles

Using inline styles, your code is inserted within the HTML element that you want to apply color to. This is done by using the style attribute along with the <span> tag.

Text Color - Embedded Styles:

Using embedded styles, the CSS code is inserted between the <style> tags within the head of the document.

Text Color - External Style Sheet

If you have a multiple page website, you should consider placing your text color code into an external style sheet. This makes it much easier to maintain the styles across your whole website.

Choosing your Colors

There are millions of different colors to choose from when creating color schemes for websites. The easiest way to choose your colors is to use this color picker.

More Text Codes

Here's a list of the various text/font properties you can use on your website.