How to Remove a Password from a Database in Access 2016

You can remove a password from an Access database using the Decrypt Database option on the Info menu.

Removing the password from a database decrypts the data and allows users to open the database without a password. Of course, you can only remove the password if it has currently password protected.

Here's how to remove the password from an Access database.

  1. Screenshot of opening the database in Exclusive Mode

    Open the Backend Database in Exclusive Mode

    The source database must be opened in exclusive mode before you can remove the password.

    To open the database in exclusive mode, select Open Exclusive when opening the database via the Open dialog.

    For more complete instructions, see How to Open a Database in Exclusive Mode.

  2. Screenshot of the password prompt

    Enter the Password

    Enter the password and click OK.

  3. Screenshot of opening the File menu

    Open the File Menu

    Click File in the top left of Access to open the File menu.

  4. Screenshot of the Info menu

    Select the Decryption Option

    Click the Decrypt Database button (from the Info menu).

  5. Screenshot of setting a password

    Enter the Password

    Enter the password and click OK.

    The password has now been removed from the database.