Access 2016: Create a Database

Create a database in Access 2016 from either the File menu or the Welcome screen. Create a blank database or choose a template.

Microsoft Access 2016 allows you to create either a blank database, or one that's based on a template. A template is like a pre-built database that you can use as a starter for your own database.

In this tutorial, we'll create a blank database, then add tables, data, and other objects to it.

Create a Blank Database

Let's go ahead and create a blank database.

  1. Screenshot of the MS Access 2016 Welcome Screen

    Select a Blank Database

    You can create a database from two different places:

    From the Access Welcome screen

    Click Blank desktop database from the Access "welcome" screen (the screen that is displayed when you first open Access).

    Screenshot of the File > New menu of MS Access 2016

    From the File > New menu

    Alternatively, if you already have another Access database open, you can go to the File menu at the top-left corner of Access, then click New to bring up the same options.

    Click Blank desktop database to create a new database.

  2. Screenshot of providing a database name

    Name the Database

    Name the database at the prompt.

    For our tutorial, we'll name it Music, as we'll be creating a music database.

  3. Screenshot of blank database with a table

    Your New Database!

    Your new database has now been created. It's a blank database with a table that is ready to be configured.

    You'll see the menu at the top, and the Ribbon below it containing various options for customizing your database. We'll be working with them throughout this tutorial.