How to Change a Form Header's Background Color in Access 2016

You can change the background color of a form's header by using the Back Color of the Property Sheet.

You can change the background color of different parts of the form. For example, you can have the Form Header in one color, and the Detail Section in another.

The following steps change the background color of the Form Header.

  1. Screenshot of Access with the Design View option highlighted

    Open the Form in Design View

    In the left Navigation Pane, right-click on the form and select Design View.

  2. Screenshot of the form selected

    Select the Properties for the Header

    Right-click on Form Header bar and select Properties from the contextual menu.

  3. Screenshot of the Property Sheet

    Change the Color

    Use the Property Sheet to change the color of the header.

    Specifically, use the Back Color property to change the background color.

    You can use one of the themes, or select a custom color with the color picker.

    If you have trouble finding the right property, click on the Format tab to filter the properties to only the formatting properties.