HTML Scrollbars

This page contains code for customizing scrollbars. You can use this code on scrollbars of the browser window, as well as scrollbars on HTML elements such as <textarea> and <div> elements with the overflow property set to allow scrollbars to appear when its content takes up more space than itself.

Webkit Browsers

The following code should work in WebKit browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, and Opera. Check out CSS scrollbars for an explanation of this code.

Click Preview to see each example's effect on the browser's scrollbars.

Internet Explorer

The following codes will only work on Internet Explorer as they use the proprietary extensions for Internet Explorer.

Scrollbar for Browser Window

Scrollbar Color for <textarea> Only

You can add color to the scrollbars of your form elements without it affecting the browser scrollbars. All you need to do is replace <body> with the name of the form element. For example, change <body> to <textarea>. Like this:

More Options

If you want more control over the scrollbar color, you can use a bunch of other properties. Here they are - their names are reasonably self explanatory. Try experimenting around with different colors to see the different effect it has on your scrollbars.

Browser Compatibility

The codes on this page use non-standard CSS. At the time of writing, the official CSS specification doesn't provide for customizing scrollbars. However, certain browser vendors provide proprietary extensions that allow for this. WebKit has the -webkit- range of extensions, and Microsoft has the -ms- extensions. The examples on this page use these vendor extensions.