How to Convert a Crosstab Query back to a Normal Query in Access

You can switch back to a "normal" query from a crosstab query with a single click.

If you ever need to revert a crosstab query back to a select query, here's how.

  1. Screenshot of the Query Design button highlighted.

    Open the Query in Design View

    In the Navigation Pane, right-click on the query and select Design View from the contextual menu.

    This opens the query in Design View.

    If you already have the query open in Datasheet View, you can simply switch to Design View.

  2. Screenshot of the query in Design View.

    Convert the Query

    Click Select from the Query Type group in the Ribbon (from the Design tab).

    This immediately converts the query from a crosstab query into a select query.

    You can also right-click anywhere in the top Diagram Pane and select Query Type > Select Query.

  3. Screenshot of the converted query design. Closeup of the query criteria.

    The Resulting Criteria

    You can now see that the Crosstab row has been removed from the bottom Criteria Pane.

    You can now run this query as it is, or modify it as required.

  4. Screenshot of the query result.

    The Query Result

    If you run the query, you will see that the column headers are now listed vertically within a single column.