NoSQL Databases

NoSQL databases provide an alternative data model to the relational database model. Here's an overview.

Most of this database tutorial has focused on relational database management systems. Although currently the most popular type of database, relational is not the only model available.

There's a new breed of database management system that is often referred to as a "NoSQL database". This type of database doesn't use the relational model — it uses a completely different model altogether.

The actual data model that it uses depends on the database. NoSQL is a very broad term that doesn't refer to one particular database model. Rather, it refers to a whole variety of different models that don't fit into the relational model.

Although NoSQL databases have been around since the 1960s, it wasn't until the early 2000s that the NoSQL approach started to pick up steam, and a whole new generation of NoSQL systems was born.

NoSQL Types

NoSQL databases are usually categorized under one (or more) of following types.