Slow Down Marquee

This page contains code that allows you to slow down your HTML marquee using your mouse. This means that your website visitors can slow down your HTML marquees with their mouse too.

Browser Compatibility

The marquees on this page use the non-standard <marquee> tag, as well as JavaScript to slow the marquee. If the following examples don't work for you it's likely that your browser doesn't support this functionality. For standards-compliant code, it is recommended that you use CSS marquees wherever possible.

Clicking the Marquee

This example allows the user to slow down the marquee when they click on it using their mouse (i.e. onmousedown). The marquee then returns to the regular speed when the user releases the mouse (i.e. onmouseup).

Hover Over the Marquee

This example allows the user to slow the marquee down when they hover over it (i.e. onmouseover). The marquee then continues when the user moves the cursor away from the marquee (i.e. onmouseout).

Using this example, the user doesn't need to click the mouse - they simply hover the cursor over the marquee.

Using Buttons:

You can add "Slower" and "Normal Speed" buttons that enable the user to slow down the marquee as required. To do this, simply add an "id" attribute to the marquee, then reference that from your buttons (created using the input tag).

Stop Your Marquee

Here are two easy ways to stop your marquee: