2 Ways to Create Websites

There are different ways of creating websites. Two of the most common ways are:

Here's an overview of each method.

Method 1: Use an Online Website Builder

Example: Website Tonight! >>

Using this method, your web host provides you with an online website builder, which you access with your browser. The web builder is usually attached to your administration area (which is provided by your web host when you first open your hosting account).

Online website builders are usually very easy to use so, no technical knowledge is required. You can usually preview your changes before publishing them.

Here's a diagram of the process:

Using a website builder

Some advantages of this method include:

Some disadvantages of online website builders include:

If you'd like to try an online website builder, check out Website Tonight. This is an easy to use website builder, which includes hosting, and plenty of extras.

I've also written an article about Website Tonight, highlighting its many features.

Method 2: Code Your Own Website

Using this method, you develop the website on your own computer, using specialized software (such as HTML editor, graphics software, etc). Then when you're happy with the changes, you upload it to your hosting provider (usually via FTP). At that stage, your changes are able to be viewed by your visitors.

Here's a diagram of the process:

Coding your own website

Some advantages of this method include:

Some disadvantages of coding your own website include:

If you'd like the idea of coding your own website, check out my tutorial on how to make your own website.