Creating Free Websites

So you're thinking about creating a free website? Although creating free websites can save you money, it also comes with some major disadvantages. Before you go ahead and create your free website, you should try and understand the pros and cons.

Advantages of Free Websites

That's about the only thing completely free websites have got going for them!

Disadvantages of Free Websites

Here are some of the major disadvantages of most free websites:

If you aren't happy about the disadvantages of creating a free website, you might prefer to create a more professional website.

If you're happy to accept the disadvantages of creating a free website, read on...

Try to get your own Domain Name

If you really must create a free website, at least try to register your own domain name (that's the thing that looks like "").

Without your own domain name, your website will always be attached to another website. On the other hand, if you do register a domain name, your website's address will be 100% yours. Plus it will always stay the same - no matter where you host your site in the future.

Advantages of Domain Names

The main advantages of having your own domain name include:

FREE Website with each Domain Name

Domain names are so cheap these days that I recommend you register a domain name now - before somebody else snaps up your preferred domain!

If you register your domain name through ZappyHost, you will also get a free website with free hosting. In fact, you'll get all of the following for free:

That's a total value of $123 for free!

And if you later decide to get a paid hosting service, ZappyHost's hosting plans start at around $5 to $6 per month.

It's something to think about.