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Here I cover off the main features of ZappyHost's Website Builder. This is an online website builder that allows you to create a website within minutes.

The fastest way to create a website is to use an online website builder. An online website builder enables you to create a website using your browser. You don't need to install any software on your computer.

Website Tonight is an online website builder that includes hosting and plenty of extras. No technical knowledge is required — anyone can use it.

And just because it's cheap, doesn't mean that it's lacks in quality. Quite the opposite in fact. Many professional companies have used Website Tonight to build their web presence.

Website Tonight includes over 800 professionally designed website templates. There's also a graphics library with over 8,000 professional images. Website Tonight is a truely professional website builder that can make your website look like it was created by a professional web designer. In fact, it includes so many features, I decided to list them all at the bottom of this article (because they took up so much space!).

So, if you want to build a professional looking website with a cheap, online website builder (or if you're looking for cheap hosting with an online website builder!), you should definitely check out Website Tonight by ZappyHost.

Plans start from around $4 or $5 per month - hosting included.

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Overview of Features

Website Tonight includes the following features:

Features (More Detail)

All 3 Website Tonight plans (Economy, Deluxe, and Premium) include the following features:

Page Elements
  • Guestbooks
  • Customize and Add Label
  • Supports JavaScripts
  • Navigation Buttons
  • Hit Counter
  • Music Plug-in
  • Scrolling Marquee
  • Date / Time Stamp
  • Add Photo Album Links
  • Slideshows within Photo Album
  • Easy Form Builder
Web Site Management & Tools
  • Secure Hosting with Generous Disk Space/Bandwidth
  • Spam & Virus-Protected Email Account
  • 256-Bit Encryption provides privacy and protection for your personal information through Web-Based Email
  • "Phishing" fraud protection with technologies like Sender ID
  • Email Forwards
  • Faster Backup and Restore
  • Rebuild
  • Fonts
  • Google AdWords Credit
  • Microsoft adCenter Credit
  • Seamless integration with Google's Site Mapping Tool
  • Publishing Times
  • Publish From Application
  • Add Meta Tags
  • Add Page Keywords and Descriptions
  • Site Analysis
  • Publish Log
  • Click-&-Type Editing
  • Accordion-Style Interface
  • Forums
  • RSS News & More
  • Flash Intros - with Music!
  • .mobi-compatible (build a website for mobile phones!)
  • Video
  • HTML Editing
  • Spell Check
  • HTML Importing
  • Copyright Statement
  • Theme-based Categories
  • Your choice of professionally designed template
  • CSS Based Templates
  • Shared Content
  • Password-protected pages
  • Professionally Designed Color Schemes
  • Color Customizer
  • Multiple Color Themes
  • Specialty Content
  • Site Preview
  • Image Editing (editor/wysiwyg)
  • Text Editing (wysiwyg)
  • Custom Form Builder
  • Add Images (Over 8,000 free images included)
  • Publish a "Coming Soon" page in 3 easy steps
  • Built-in hosting
  • Expanded Workspace

That's a lot of features for an online website builder! Remember, hosting and email is included. If you think this sounds like what you need, check it out now >>.