ColdFusion Editors

ColdFusion can make creating website applications very easy, but your life will be made so much easier if you pick the right editor for editing your CFML code.

Free ColdFusion Editors

Some free ColdFusion editors that do an excellent job in assisting with your ColdFusion projects. Here are some options for a free ColdFusion editor:

If you don't feel like downloading anything, you can always use a text editor such as Notepad (for Windows) or SimpleText (Macs). Having said this, I don't know of any serious CF developer who would go down this route!

Paid-For ColdFusion Editors

If you're happy to pay for a ColdFusion editor you might look into Adobe ColdFusion Builder. However, many developers still prefer CFEclipse over CF Builder even when price is not an issue.

Also, if you use Adobe Dreamweaver, you've probably noticed that you can use it to code your ColdFusion pages. However, the release of DreamWeaver CC has removed some of the ColdFusion support that was previously available. This may be fine for doing basic CFML, but you might find it limiting when working on more advanced projects.

Another option is to use Sublime Text with the ColdFusion plugin, which many developers love due to it's snappy performance.