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Quackit teaches beginners how to create websites. We start off slowly, teaching you the basics such as HTML and CSS. We then introduce you to more advanced topics so that you can add more features to your website. So bookmark this page now and let's begin!


  • HTML Tutorial

    Learn the basics of HTML. In particular, how to build tables, forms, fonts, color, images, hyperlinks and more.
  • HTML Tags

    Complete list of HTML tags (or "elements").
  • HTML 5 Tags

    Sneak preview of the HTML of the future.
  • HTML Codes

    Copy/paste codes for your website.
  • HTML Templates

    Jump-start your website with free templates.

CSS & Design

  • Create a Website

    Need to create a website but don't know where to start? Start here.
  • CSS Tutorial

    CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used to apply styles to your website.
  • CSS Properties

    Complete list of CSS properties
  • Web Graphics Tutorial

    Explains the different types of graphics and how to prepare graphics for the web.
  • Website Templates

    Massive collection of free website templates and professionally designed templates.


  • JavaScript Tutorial

    Learn how to add functionality and interactivity to your web pages.
  • ColdFusion Tutorial

    ColdFusion is a server-side programming/scripting environment used to build dynamic websites.
  • PHP Tutorial

    This PHP Tutorial demonstrates just how easy it is to create dynamic websites using PHP.
  • VBScript Tutorial

    This tutorial teaches you VBScript from the ground up - starting with the basics.


  • Database Tutorial

    Learn the fundamentals of databases and database management systems.
  • SQL Tutorial

    Covers everything you need to know to get started in database programming using SQL.
  • SQL Server Tutorial

    Provides an overview of SQL Server - Microsoft's enterprise database management system.
  • Microsoft Access Tutorial

    Use Microsoft Access to perform many typical database tasks such as creating databases, tables, queries, and more.

Website Hosting

  • Web Hosting Tutorial

    Learn about the basics of web hosting and domain names, how to select a web site hosting provider and what to expect after you sign up with a hosting provider.
  • Domain Names

    Learn about domain names, how to register them, and how you can use them.
  • Find a Web Host

    Compare hosting providers with this comprehensive list of hosting providers.
  • Web Server Tutorial

    Learn about web servers and why you should use one in your development environment.


  • XML Tutorial

    In this tutorial, you'll learn what XML is, what it is used for, and you'll see what an XML document looks like. You'll also see the similarities between XML and HTML, but you'll see that XML and HTML serve two different purposes.
  • AJAX Tutorial

    See how XML, JavaScript and ColdFusion can work together to improve usability on web forms.

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