HTML Editors

This section discusses HTML editors and how they can assist in your web development efforts.

A good HTML editor is an important tool for any web developer. A good HTML editor will help you create a website much faster than using a text editor such as Notepad. In fact, most (if not all) professional web developers use a purpose built HTML editor to create their websites.

What is an HTML Editor?

An HTML editor is a special text editor that supports HTML markup. HTML editors typically have more functionality than simple text editors. HTML editors typically have features that facilitate HTML authoring. Some HTML editors have a WYSIWG mode, where the user doesn't need to write any code at all if they don't want.

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HTML Editor Examples

KompoZer, CoffeeCup, and HTML-Kit are popular HTML editors that contain features that you'd expect in most HTML editors, plus a few more. Typical features include HTML and CSS support, split screen view, HTML entities library, built-in FTP client and more.

Specialized HTML Editors

Some HTML editors don't quite fit into the mold of a typical HTML editor. Some editors are more specialized to a particular context. Here are some examples.

Online HTML Editor

Although HTML editors are typically a desktop application, this isn't always true. There are various online resources that assist in generating HTML code. Check out this online HTML editor.

Online Website Builder

You can take it a step further and have an HTML editor integrated into an online website builder.