Databases are an essential part of websites and blogs all over the web. Whether you look after a corporate website, run a forums site, run your own blog, or you're simply a user — you can't escape the database!

This section of Quackit contains tutorials covering various database concepts. I hope to "de-mystify" the whole concept of databases so that beginners can develop an understanding of what a database is and where it fits in the larger picture of website development.

SQLite Tutorial

SQLite is the world's most distributed database management system. It is used in web browsers, mobile phones, tablets, computer software, and more. Chances are, it's already installed on your system.

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MongoDB Tutorial

MongoDB is a NoSQL database management system. It uses a document model to store data. Data is stored as JSON/BSON documents. These documents are semi-structured, and represent the flexible schema of the database.

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