HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the language of the web. It allows you to create web pages and place anything you like on them.

This section of Quackit provides a list of articles and tutorials to assist with your HTML coding.


HTML Tutorial

Learn HTML with this free HTML tutorial - build tables, forms, fonts, color, images, hyperlinks and more.

Table Tutorial

Learn to create tables in HTML with this 5 minute table tutorial.

Bootstrap Tutorial

Build great looking websites fast with this frontend development framework.

Create a Website

Learn how to create a website and host it - in 5 minutes!

HTML Codes

HTML Codes

HTML codes that you can copy and paste straight into your website or blog.

HTML Examples

Text   Links   Lists   Images   Tables   Forms

Cheat Sheet

Use this HTML cheat sheet to quickly create HTML tables, forms, fonts, color, image maps, hyperlinks and more.

HTML Templates

Free website templates. Includes frames templates, mobile templates, logo sets and much more.


HTML Elements

Full, alphabetical list of all HTML tags (also referred to as "HTML elements") from the HTML5 specification.

HTML Colors

Contains an HTML color picker and Hex color chart.

HTML Special Characters

HTML Symbols   ISO 8859-1 Character Set   HTML Greek Characters

HTML Language Codes

HTML language codes for declaring the language of a web page as defined by the ISO standard.


Quick-reference to many common tasks. For example, help with tables, help with image maps, etc.