International Domains - Benefits


Register Your International Domain Now!

So, you know what an international domain is, but you're not sure how you can benefit from one? Read on.

As mentioned in my explanation of IDNs, an international domain enables you to have a domain name expressed in the same language as your non-english website. For example, international domains can contain diacritics, as well as characters from non-Latin scripts, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese or Hindu.

Benefits of International Domains

The potential of international domains is enormous. Whether you're a non-English speaking business owner or an English speaking entrepreneur, you should seriously consider the benefits of registering an international domain.

So, given the great benefits of international domains, why not register an international domain today.

Due to the nature of international domains, make sure you understand how to search for them. In particular, read this page for an explanation of punycode and foreign character sets.