Blog Hosting

A quick look at the types of blog hosting available.

So you've chosen to set up your blog with a proper hosting plan and domain name? Congratulations! Later on you will realize that you've made the right choice.

If you haven't done so already, you will need to decide which type of hosting you prefer.

Types of Blog Hosting

Here are the two main types of blog hosting:

Blog Hosting (blog already installed)

This type of hosting comes fully equiped with its own blog builder, and is geared specifically towards those seeking to create a blog (as opposed to a website). The blog software (or "blogware") has already been installed on the web server by your hosting provider.

If you choose this option, you won't need to worry about setting up your blog — it has already been done for you.

ZappyHost has some great deals on pre-installed blogs. Their WordPress Hosting uses a pre-installed version of the world's most popular blog software (WordPress). You can have your very own WordPress blog, hosting & extras included, for around $5 or $6 per month!

Also, you can get your own domain name for around $10 per year (elsewhere, you can pay up to $35 for the same product!)

Web Hosting (install your own blog)

This is where you install your own blogware after you've opened a hosting account.

If you choose this option, you will need to open a hosting account first. Then you will need to download blogware, and install it on your hosting provider's server.

Before you do this though, you will need to ensure that your hosting account supports the blogware that you intend to install. Any blog software will require a database management system (such as MySQL or SQL Server) as well as support for a server-side scripting language (such as PHP or ColdFusion).

As an example, Wordpress blogs require that your hosting provider supports MySQL and PHP.

Some blogs will be able to be installed solely by you. Other blogs may require assistance from your blog hosting provider. Also, check that your hosting provider doesn't impose any restrictions on your account that may affect your blog.

ZappyHost has some of the web's best priced hosting plans. These plans include loads of extras, such as email accounts, forums, free software — even blogging software! (in case you decide not to install your own)

And of course, you can also register your domain name at the same time, which will cost you around $10 per year (unless you choose a premium domain).

More Help

Here's more information to help you decide which blogging option is right for you.