Portal Website Templates

The following templates have been built using Bootstrap, which is "mobile first". These templates are responsive — the layout automatically adjusts according to the viewport width.

Portal 1

Portal 1 template screenshot

Static navbar (i.e. it scrolls when you scroll).

Download | Preview

Portal 1a

Portal 1a template screenshot

Fixed navbar (i.e. it remains at the top even when you scroll).

Download | Preview

Portal 2

Portal 2 template screenshot

Login form on the side column.

Download | Preview

Portal 3

Portal 3 template screenshot

Login form on the navbar.

Download | Preview


  1. Download the template of your choice
  2. Unzip the files into your chosen directory
  3. Add your own content (and modify template as you wish)
  4. Upload to your hosting provider. If you don't have a hosting provider, try ZappyHost

Customize Your Template

Here are a few ways you can modify your HTML template.

  • Add some free graphics to your template.
  • Modify your template or simply add content with these HTML codes. Simply copy/paste them into your template.
  • Check out these HTML examples for more ideas. You can copy and paste these too.
  • Browse this list of JavaScript examples to add interactivity to your website. Again, you can copy and paste the code.
  • Learn HTML with this HTML tutorial.
  • Learn how to modify your template styles with this CSS tutorial.
  • Learn how to add interactivity to your template with this JavaScript tutorial.
  • Check out our other tutorials by visiting our homepage.