CSS3 Properties

The W3C is currently working on CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets, Version 3). The finished work will result in a number of CSS3 specifications, each one concerning a specific area of CSS. Although many of the specifications are currently a work in progress, many of the new properties have been adopted by the major browsers manufacturers in the form of their own proprietary properties (i.e. with their manufacturer's extension such as -webkit-, -moz-, etc). Because of this, developers can start testing these new properties, even if the browsers don't actually support the W3C version of a particular property.

Below are a list of CSS3 properties. These are some of the properties that are currently being written into the CSS3 specification.

Overflow Properties

Other New Properties

Following CSS3 Development

If you're interested to see what happening with the development of the CSS3 specifications, check out the CSS3 current work.

CSS2 Properties

You can also view a list of CSS properties as defined in CSS2. CSS3 supports those plus the new ones introduced in CSS3.