VBScript For Loop

The VBScript For Loop allows you to execute code for a given number of iterations.

Using a For loop, you provide a given expression, and the loop will iterate for as long as that expression results to true.

Example For Loop

Using the same scenario as the previous lesson, the loop will iterate from 0 to 8. It will then continue processing the rest of the page.

This results in:

Hours worked: 0
Hours worked: 1
Hours worked: 2
Hours worked: 3
Hours worked: 4
Hours worked: 5
Hours worked: 6
Hours worked: 7
Hours worked: 8
Home time!

For Each Loop

The VBScript For Each Loop allows you to iterate over an array. This can be a quick and easy way of accessing all elements within an array without you needing to know how many elements are in it.

This results in: