Create a Music Playlist

You may already know how to add music to your website, but do you know how to create a music playlist?

A music playlist is simply a list of songs. By using a playlist, your music player can play many songs one after the other. In other words, when the first song in your music playlist is finished, the second song will start playing. Then when that song is finished, the next song will play etc.


Here's one I prepared earlier:

To add a music playlist to your website you need to do 2 things:

  1. Create a m3u file (your music playlist file)
  2. Create your HTML file with your music code (this plays the music on the m3u file)

Step 1 - Create a m3u File

A m3u file is a file that contains a list of songs. Follow these steps to create your m3u file (i.e. your playlist file):

  1. Create a text file
  2. Add a list of the mp3 files you want on your playlist. This can be the full path to the file or a relative path. Place each mp3 file name on a new line
  3. Add any comments by preceeding them with a hash (#) symbol (this step is optional)
  4. Save the file with a .m3u extension. For example, call it music_playlist.m3u

There it is - your music playlist file!

Example m3u File

Below is an example of an m3u file:

#This is my m3u file - it contains a list of songs

Now all you need to do is add your playlist to your music code.

Step 2 - Add Your Playlist to your Music Code

Place the following code within your HTML file and change the values to suit:

Example Music Code

This code is almost the same as the example at the top. The difference is that this code contains autostart="true", which means that the music playlist will start playing as soon as the page loads.

Here's an example.

<embed name="music_playlist"

If you've ever added music to your website, you are probably familiar with this code.

The only difference between this code and any other (non-playlist) code, is that in this code, the value of the src attribute (i.e. your source file) is your playlist file. If you weren't using a playlist, this source file would simply be a single .mp3 file or a single .wav file or similar.

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