CSS table-layout

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The CSS table-layout property allows you to fix the table layout so that the table renders much faster.

Without the table-layout property, on large tables, users won't see any part of the table until the browser has rendered the whole table. This can give the impression that your page loads very slowly. On the other hand, if you use the table-layout property, users will see the top of the table while the browser loads and renders rest of the table. This gives the impression that the page loads a lot quicker.

Check out the table-layout example.

Syntax: table-layout: <border-style1>, <border-style2> ...
Possible Values:
  • auto
  • fixed
  • inherit
Initial Value: auto
Applies to: Tables and inline tables
Inherited: No
Media: Visual
Example: table { table-layout:fixed }

...or, an inline example:
<table style="table-layout:fixed;width:600px;">
  <tr height="30">
    <td width="150">CSS table layout cell 1</td>
    <td width="200">CSS table layout cell 2</td>
    <td width="250">CSS table layout cell 3</td>

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