wet tulipsNoir is an HTML5 template + CSS style sheet that makes mobile web pages for smartphones including Android, iPhone, and others. Reviewing Fone is a good way to learn HTML5.


This is the free version of the Noir template. The full version includes an expanded style sheet with additional formatting options, examples of embedded Google Maps and Google Calendars, a library of buttons and icons, sample pages, and tips & tricks specific to mobile web development.

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Jewel orchidThis template is made to be modified. Look at the HTML5 code and the CSS style sheet to see how each section of this page is done. Edit as needed.

Begin by setting up a subdomain with your web host. Most mobile sites use the subdomain: instead of Upload your mobile files to your new subdomain's directory. Keep your files small and compact, especially graphics.

There’s no faster way to jumpstart your mobile web efforts than to borrow someone else’s code. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement.


These buttons are transparent PNG24 files so you can float them over backgrounds. Resize them as needed.

QRdvark   QRdvark   QRdvark   QRdvark
QRdvark   QRdvark   QRdvark   QRdvark

navigation using CSS

These navigation links aren’t graphic elements. They’re created using the webkit border property in the style sheet.

licensing info

Noir by QRdvark + Azalea Software, Inc. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC BY 3.0) This means you can share, distribute, modify, mashup, remix, twist, and bend this template if you agree to include the following text, Noir:QRdvark, on your main page linked to We want you to use and change our template. We’d just like a touch of credit. Thanks!

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