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CSS examples

Quackit examples
The 2 examples below demonstrate how different a page can look depending on whether it has been linked to a style sheet or not. Both pages are identical, and are linked to an external stylesheet. The only difference between them is that the first one has the link commented out (the link is now broken). Notice, that there are no bitmap images.
Page 1 - no stylesheet (opens in new window)
Page 2 - with stylesheet (opens in new window)

Microsoft's CSS Gallery
People could submit their CSS pages to Microsoft's CSS Gallery showcasing examples of what they've been able to do with Cascading Style Sheets. These are just some of the examples.

Under 6KB
This section includes examples of just what's possible in Web layout without resorting to graphics. The most complicated page is only 6KB in size.

Bitmap free zone 2
Similar to the above link.

Same content, different style.
These pages show how the same content can be presented in different ways just by changing the style sheet. The BODY of each HTML page is exactly the same, only the STYLE section in the HEAD of the HTML file changes for each example.

Faster loading tables
This example from Microsoft compares two tables. One using the CSS "fixed" property, the other using traditional HTML. Check out how much download time you can save by spending an extra 30 seconds actually adding a little bit of CSS code. As of this writing, this is only supported by Internet Explorer 5.0.

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