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Need a web designer? Not ready to build your own website?

This is completely understandable. Not everyone has the time or inclination to go through the process of designing and building a website on their own. You just need a website. You don't need to figure out how to build it - you just need it... NOW!

Dream Web Site Design Team

Our partner site, ZappyHost, offers a complete web design service tailored to suit your needs. Using this web design service, you have your own design team to create your website for you.

The web design service includes:

The web design service provides 24/7 access to your Design Manager. This enables you to view and approve designs, then send files and leave feedback.

Website Design Service

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Free Updates

When you use this service, you get 30 minutes of monthly website updates. Plus, you can make your own updates too, using the internet based design application. This way, you can always get things changed as required.

Free Hosting

As part of the web design service, you get free hosting. This means your website is made available to the whole world - all day, every day, and it's all included in your website design package. Good hosting is as important as good design, and you can rest assured that ZappyHost is one of the world leaders in that area. To learn more about hosting, check out our web hosting tutorial.

The website design service is offered by ZappyHost's "Dream Web Site Team". If you're interested in this web design service, check it out.